Did you know that bees are important for our planet's health?

Bees are important for our planet

From honey to pollen, propolis and even venom, bees are big money makers for U.S. agriculture. In 2016 honey bees made just under 163 million pounds of honey valued at a little over $339 million, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agriculture Statistics Service. That’s some sweet change.


Their greatest value isn’t a product of their hive. It’s their work as pollinators.

Pollinators, like bees, are responsible for one in every three bites of food you take. If you enjoy coffee, peaches, almonds and seeing native plants and flowers, then you have pollinators like bees to thank, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Bees play a major role in pollinating plants around the world. As a result, they have an impact on many aspects of our everyday lives from our food supply to our planet’s health.

Bees are essential for … 


Whether you realize it or not, people rely on bees. Native bees pollinate flowers and plants that grow and become fruits and vegetables. A majority of the food we eat would not exist if it weren’t for bees. If you like blueberries, apples, vanilla or almonds, you can thank your buzzing friends.

Bees are important for humans


Bees also pollinate the food eaten by wild animals and birds like nuts, flowers and fruits. Without bees, those animals would not be able to eat and survive.

Bees are important for animals


Our biodiversity depends also on bees which play a role in the growth of plants, trees and flower that are the home of thousands of species. 

Bees are important for biodiversity

Bees are disappearing …

Climate change

Climate change has an impact on everyone including the bee populations. Due to climate change, flowers and plants blossom earlier and bees are not able to adapt and pollinate in time.

bee population is disappearing


The pesticides used on plants can be harmful for bees.

bee population is in danger

Habitat loss

Our growing cities and the loss of wild environment are critical for bees. Bees depend on the environment to find food and shelter. If we destroy their habitat it becomes really difficult for them to survive.


Habitat loss threatening bees

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