Our commitment to sustainably-sourced essential oils

Our commitment to sustainably-sourced essential oils

At Forest Remedies™ we're committed to providing our family of customers with healthy, high-quality, plant-based products through sustainable botanical extraction, now and for generations to come. 

We're always searching for innovative ways to reduce our impact and give back to nature. This commitment to sustainability guides all that we do, from how we package our goods to how we manage our business practices and select our partnerships.


It's why we partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding forests across the globe. They have planted more than six million trees worldwide and counting. 

Our dedication to sustainability can also be seen in the business practices of our partners, International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) and Laboratoire Monique Remy (LMR). They work with local producers around the globe to deliver the premium, 100% pure and natural extracts used to produce our essential oils. 

These partners are dedicated to complete transparency, responsible environmental management and sustainable development. This can be seen in IFF’s implementation of vertical integration and responsible sourcing.  

Our Practices

Vertical integration means that we work directly with growers and producers to improve practices, quality and yields when it comes to our essential oils. Our collaboration brings us the security of supply while guaranteeing demand for our partners. By dealing directly with farmers, our supply chain becomes more traceable, which in turn allows us to be more accountable.

Our commitment to responsible sourcing means we strive to improve the quality of life in farming communities, helping to make them more stable, resilient and prosperous.

For each of our vertically-integrated sourcing platforms, we collaborate with our local partners to understand economic, social and environmental issues so that we can respond and adapt accordingly. 

We've worked hard to develop a diverse selection of responsible sourcing platforms worldwide. With all our platforms, we use a vertical integration model to share our biology, agronomy, extraction and chemistry knowledge with leading experts in each sourcing region.

As a result, we're able to provide our customers with the sustainable and high-quality ingredients you’ve come to rely on.

Our Essential Oils

It's one thing for a company to say they're sustainable. At Forest Remedies, we like to be transparent and show you how.

Below are some examples of how our sustainability model informs the production of our essential oils.

Geranium Essential Oil 

To bring our Geranium Essential Oil to market, LMR established a vertically integrated platform through an exclusive partnership with an internationally recognized pioneer in the productions of essential oils in Egypt. 

Through our carefully selected partnerships, Forest Remedies™ practices agricultural optimization, helping to implement sustainable technology, reduce waste and save water.  

Jasmine Essential Oil

Similarly, with the production of our Jasmine Essential Oil, LMR established a vertically integrated platform through a partnership with a leading producer of local natural ingredients in India.

Our partnering producers enjoy greater financial security, and our partnering farmers are empowered by education on Good Agricultural Practices. This leads to higher income for them and a lighter, more optimized environmental footprint for the platform.  

Tea Tree Essential Oil

For our Tea Tree essential oil, LMR Naturals is collaborating with an Australian company that cares for vast tea tree plantations, taking into account both the ecosystem and the cultural heritage of the oils. As the oil is extracted from the trees’ leaves, the trees remain in the ground and a new crop is cultivated from the same trees. All residual biomass is then recycled as mulch so that nothing gets wasted.

Organic Certification

We are very proud that two of LMR’s sites are “For Life” certified by the organic certification organization ECOCERT.

This honor recognizes our commitment to sustainability as well as our rigorous standards for transparency, environmental responsibility, sustainable agriculture, fair and safe working conditions, human rights and reciprocal relationships with producers and local communities. 

We are thankful to the many individuals who have partnered with us over the years and helped us realize our ambitions for a more sustainable, plant-based tomorrow.