Cacao Vanilla CBD Latte Recipe

Cacao Vanilla CBD Latte Recipe

Note from the Editor: This recipe was contributed by plant-focused private chef Mackenzie Richmond (@mackenziereid). Mackenzie leads workshops, provides personalized meal plans and nutrition support, and creates content that approaches health and wellness in an accessible way. 

We all have our morning rituals, and if you're reading this, it's likely yours includes a cup of coffee, brewed chia or maybe both. We're with you. Coffee will always have a special place in our hearts, especially when it has the added benefit of pure, Full Spectrum Vanilla Hemp CBD oil.

Try this vegan CBD Cacao Latte recipe to give your morning routine (or afternoon break) a little extra wellness boost.* 


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Before we get started, let's talk dosage. 

New to CBD?

If you just started using Hemp CBD or are still thinking about how to work it into your everyday routine, we recommend starting small which is why this recipe only calls for one dropper (1mL) of our 500mg Vanilla Hemp CBD Oil. If that doesn't feel like enough, you can always try gradually increasing the amount of oil in your drink or even try using our 1000mg oil. For more on getting started with Hemp CBD check out our blog: Tips for adding hemp CBD to your wellness routine.  

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate

It's important to note that not all hemp CBD oils are the same. Obviously, we're recommending our Vanilla Hemp CBD Oil for this recipe not only because it has a delicious natural vanilla flavor, but it also contains the Full Spectrum of natural, beneficial plant compounds found in hemp (not just CBD) to support head-to-toe wellness.* 

This is different than products made with Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. These products can also be used in this recipe. However, they don't contain all the same plant compounds and can have different effects. You can read more about the differences between Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate here

Third-part testing

Whatever hemp CBD Oil you decide to use, make sure it's third-party tested. We can't stress this enough. Any credible brand will perform third-party testing on their products to verify their CBD contents and the potency and purity of their products. They should also post this results as Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on their website. This way you can be sure that what's on the label is exactly what's inside the bottle. You can find our COAs here.

Vegan CBD Cacao Latte Recipe

Vegan CBD Vanilla Latte


  • 1/2 cup mil of choice, warmed
  • 1/2 cup brewed chai, coffee, or both, warmed
  • 1/2 tablespoon raw cacao powder
  • 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup, to taste
  • 1 dropper Forest Remedies Vanilla CBD Oil 500mg
  • pinch salt
  • *Optional add-ins ~ adaptogenic mushroom powder, orange zest, lavender, cinnamon, cayenne.

Directions: In a blender or a sauce pan, combine ingredients and blend or whisk until frothy. Pour into a mug, top with cinnamon, and enjoy.