Forest Remedies and Dr. Jane Goodall

Partnering for change

Inspired by her love of Africa and passion for protecting wildlife, we bring you the Jane Goodall Collection, an exclusive line of natural, plant-based wellness products.

Giving Back

With every purchase, we donate 5% of the sale price to the Jane Goodall Institute and their mission to protect wildlife and empower local communities.

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Sustainable Ingredients

We sustainably-source our ingredients from countries in Africa – a continent with incredibly rich biodiversity that Dr. Goodall has long cared so deeply about.

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In it together

“If we all make ethical choices, every day, our collective power for change is great. I believe there is still a window of time to heal the planet before it is too late, but only if we make the right choices every day. I believe Forest Remedies is part of the solution.” 
- Dr. Jane Goodall

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We have more Jane Goodall Collection products coming soon starting with our new plant-based hand sanitizer spray made with essential oils and organic ingredients.