On a mission to make consumption a force for good

On a mission to make consumption a force for good

For most of his life, Michael Cammarata has invested in global companies that bring sustainable modern wellness to the world. So, joining Neptune Wellness Solutions (the company behind Forest Remedies) in summer 2019, was written in the stars. Unilever had just picked up Schmidt’s Naturals, Michael’s plant-based deodorant company with budget-minded, safe, and powerful products for all. Now with Neptune, Michael brings his enthusiasm for sustainable, effective, plant-based products to one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  

A jungle of environmental change

Where does Michael turn for inspiration? Renowned environmental advocate Dr. Jane Goodall, a family friend who encourages Michael to pursue opportunities with seismic impact. Michael says, “every purchase, every choice we make dictates the world around us. Why not make consumption a force for good? Cannabis has incredible potential in consumption, personal care, and home care products. It’s a sustainable crop that supports good-paying jobs too.”

Michael’s leadership philosophy is to listen. What do people want? Then, he delivers those products in an affordable package that works. He likes to solve problems quickly, so he can bring innovations to market and scale faster. 

This year’s launch of Forest Remedies points to that philosophy. The new line has high-quality hemp extracts and essential oils. Consumers want effective plant-based products and Forest Remedies are natural, sustainable, and high-grade, while also being traceable. This launch is just the beginning. New products are in the works and on the way throughout this year.  

The revolution is here

“We stand on the edge of a plant-based revolution. It will drive not only cannabis demand, but all alternative products,” Michael said.

Michael was born with a keen business sense and entrepreneurial spirit. He found his passion in building natural brands — even being called the “New Face of Natural” alongside heavyweights P&G and Unilever. 

“I’m excited about the future for our brands, and look forward to bringing innovative new products to market that are safe, effective, natural, and that our community will love,” Michael said.