More plants. Happier humans.

Nurture with Nature

At Forest Remedies, our thing is introducing more people to plant-based products that can help them sleep, relax, learn, smile, do cartwheels, look on the bright side and generally feel better than they did before.

Why plants? Plants are vital to our existence on earth and enhance our lives in a myriad of ways. It’s no secret: When it comes to wellness, we believe “plant-based” is the perfect way to balance your day.

See for yourself with our range of Hemp CBD oils, soft gels and balms and our line of premium, highly-concentrated essential oils.

Quality is Everything

We’re on a mission to bring you the highest quality, plant-based personal care products imaginable. So our premium hemp extracts use American-grown hemp—and our essential oils, botanicals harvested by responsible producers across the globe.

Throughout the process, we test rigorously for quality and potency. Every product is carefully formulated to be safe, effective and affordable—and to help you achieve the best version of you. But you don't have to take our word for it. Check out the Certificates of Analysis on our website.

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Taking Action for the Environment

We know that just caring about the environment isn’t enough. Protecting our planet requires meaningful action. That’s why we constantly search for innovative ways to reduce our impact and give back to nature.

It's also why we partnered with One Tree Planted and contribute to rebuilding forests across the globe with every product sold.

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We're Optimists

Few things rival the power of humans working together to bring about great change. Our health and the health of the planet are deeply connected. Every purchase, every choice we make impacts the world around us. At Forest Remedies, we’re out to prove that consumption can be a force for good.